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Mosaics FAQ


  • If the item is for Outdoor Projects:-  Seal your wooden blank by painting it with Grout Seal
  1. Plan your design.
  2. Cut the Mosaic Tiles in different shapes with your Mosaic Nipper – Place the tile in between the two cutting wheels and push down firmly.
  3. Put some crafters glue onto the wooden blank and place the nipped mosaic tile piece one at a time onto the wooden blank.
  4. A toothpick is handy to move mosaic tiles around before pressing the mosaic tile down into the glue.
    ( Pressing the tiles down ensures the glue spreads under the Mosaic Tile )
  5. Press down the mosaic tile – Leaving small spaces between the mosaic tiles for the grout.
  6. Once the gluing stage is Complete - Leave to Dry until the Glue is Transparent.
  7. Grouting - Indoors – Mix the grout with water to the Consistency of Icing.

                Outdoors – Mix your grout with Grout Seal instead of water to the        Consistency of Icing.

  1. Apply and Spread the grout with a Flat Mixing Stick – Over the Mosaic Tiles – Top and Sides of your Project.
  2. Using the Squeegee – Remove any excess grout on the Top and Sides.
  3. Leave to dry for Approx – 15 minutes.
  4. Using a damp sponge gently keep wiping off any excess grout – Don’t remove grout between the gaps.
  5. Leave for 24 hrs to cure - Using a Dry, Clean cloth – Wipe the Project to remove the hazy finish. Use Furniture Polish or Baby Oil to Polish and Shine your project.


What is Grout Seal:-

 Acts as a Sealer on wood, ceramic, pottery etc... It will strengthen the Mosaic and Your Mosaic will become Water Resistant.  Great for Mosaic Projects i.e. Outdoor Pots…

Why does Grout Crack:-

  • Allowing grout to dry too quickly may cause shrinking i.e. Placing the Project in the Sun to dry.
  • Mixture too dry or wet.
  • Over wetting when Sponging
  • Incorrect mixture ratio of Grout

How can I Colour Grout:-

Add a couple of drops of food coloring to the Grout

Why use Ceramic or Pottery Glue:- Often used on i.e. Pots / Upright surfaces

This glue has a Thicker consistency and the Tiles won’t slide down

Do You Hold Mosaic Classes:-  Yes – We do !

Physical Address:- cnr Asquith & Trichardts Road ( No 10 ) - Ravenswood - Boksburg - East Rand - Gauteng

Trading Hours:- Monday - Friday 9.00 - 15h00..  Saturday:- 9.00 - 13h00...

Closed Public Holidays and Sunday...

DAILY:- Monday - Saturday

Starting Times:- 10.00 am  Booking Essential:-  Only 4 Per Class  What to Bring:-   YourSelf 

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